An oven repair service you can rely on in Melbourne

We at Service offer repair and service of electric ovens and
stoves as well as range units.  We service all brands and types of ovens gas and
electric.  We service free standing ovens – stoves and built in wall units. service has serviced ovens and stoves for 29 years in the Melbourne
and surrounding areas. 

Tips on oven and stove cleaning provided by Service

When cleaning your oven take care not to spray oven cleaner into the electronic
panel on your oven or stove.  When cleaning the inside of your oven always be
careful when around the electric oven heating element.  The heating element if
handled roughly can break or disconnect from the wiring harness.  On gas ovens
never spray any type of cleaner on the oven igniter.  As mentioned on our home
page the igniter is more fragile than glass.  The gas oven igniter is the piece in the
oven that glows “white” hot.  Also, if you have to handle the glass oven igniter try
not to touch the glass part of igniter with your fingers.  Try not to bump the oven
igniter while cleaning the oven as small cracks can form in the oven igniter
decreasing the integrity of the oven igniter.

When cleaning your stove top or under the stove top beware of wires.  You risk the
chance of getting electrocuted when handling wires inside the stove top or oven. 
Always (unplug/flip circuit breaker) to your oven or stove and ranges before any type of

In the event your oven or stove shall fail, call Service at

We service all brands and types of garbage disposals in the Melbourne areas. Service has serviced garbage disposals in and around
the Melbourne areas for decades.  Our professionally trained technicians can usually
diagnose a garbage disposals problem within just minutes of looking at your
garbage disposals machine. Garbage disposals are complex and you should never
attempt to fix a garbage disposal yourself.

Never put your hand into a garbage disposal appliance.  Garbage disposals can be 
very dangerous if not properly handled.  If your garbage disposal stops working try
depressing the reset button located directly underneath the garbage disposal. 
Reset button can be seen if you lay on your back and look up at the garbage
disposal from the floor.  After depressing the reset button try to turn the garbage
disposal on again.  If this still doesn’t make the garbage disposal come on you may
need to have it serviced by a appliance repair man or have the garbage disposal

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