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Carrier Air Conditioners with Puron refrigerant provide a collection of features unmatched by any other family of equipment. The 24ACC4 has been designed utilizing Carrier’s Puron refrigerant. The environmentally sound refrigerant allows you to make a responsible decision in the protection of the earth’s ozone layer.



  • 14.0 SEER / 11.0 – 13.5 EER (based on tested combination)
  • Microtube Technology™ refrigeration system


  • Puron refrigerant
  • Scroll compressor
  • Internal pressure relief valve
  • Internal thermal overload
  • Filter drier

WeatherArmor™ protection package:

  • Solid, durable sheet metal construction
  • Dense wire coil guard


  • Long-line – up to 250 feet (76.20 m) total equivalent length, up to 200 feet (60.96 m) condenser above evaporator, or up to 80 ft. (24.38 m) evaporator above condenser (See Longline Guide for more information.)
  • Low ambient (down to -20 F/-28.9 C) with accessory kit

carrier 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner

Do you want to find the best Interior Design Firm?

Do you want to find the best Interior Design Firm?

In your search for a home interior design company, there are more than a few of factors which you need to inspect before making the big soar. Choosing the proper group of professionals is crucial if you need to obtain a dwelling space that suits your requirements.

So, you are making plans to move into your Singapore home but are yet to get the interiors performed. Your domestic is a mirrored image of your tastes and personality. It is, however, natural to want the first-class domestic interior designers and interior decorators in Singapore for your property. How do you go about deciding on the first-rather e design firm? Read on for more.

In order to make the great choice of Interior Design Firm in Singapore, bear in mind hiring nearby. Take the time to peruse all the sources which might be available to you online. Short listing means installing four to 6 names onto a list and sitting down to browse each of those organizations’ websites.

Peruse the employer’s portfolio and evaluation each of their past projects. Find the projects that display similar patterns as those which you would really like to apply in your home. Not all interior design corporations concentrate on residential tasks, there are those that commonly work on the company or commercial tasks so find those that have applicable enjoy.

Ask for his or her previous clients’ numbers then get in touch with most of them. This is a good manner to gauge whether you and the interior designer are a very good suit.

Steer clear of interior designers that are not capable to reveal their qualifications and certification. It would not hurt to perform a little historical past take a look at so that you will make an informed preference.

The curriculum for interior design schooling is evaluated and certified with the aid of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly known as the FIDER or Foundation of Interior Design Research Education). See if you chose interior designer is able to provide a certification from the said council as it is proof that the designers inside the firm have exceeded the excessive requirements of schooling in interior design ideas.

If the interior designer has an NCIDQ certification, then you definitely are inside the satisfactory fingers. After graduation plus six years of work revel in beneath the supervision of an IT expert, the designer attains the very best fashionable inside the industry so an enterprise that hires NCIDQ designers are well worth every greenback that you may spend.

Never underestimate the cost of rapport with the specialists that you may hire. They have to be inclined to acquire input from you and are capable of make tips themselves. An interior designer has to take your thoughts significantly, in any other case, you are managing a headstrong expert who will most effectively provide you with complications.

Before signing any contracts, ensure which you set up a line of conversation with the interior designer. Be open about your want to speak about the mission and the possibility of making some changes now and again.

In order to make the pleasant choice of interior design agency, don’t forget hiring the best Condo Interior Design. Take the time to peruse all the resources which can be available to you online.

Let Your Business Shine with Commercial Power Washing Services

A business that looks inviting to customers is always going to be more successful than one that appears run down. One of the most difficult tasks in operating a business is keeping the exterior of the site looking good. Commercial properties take a beating throughout the year, especially in the harsher winter months. The most effective way to keep a business looking inviting is to hire a company that provides commercial power washing services. Not only will power washing make a site look more inviting, but it will also increase the longevity of the site, and take away the burden and difficult work of exterior maintenance.

Increased Longevity

The exterior of any building has the potential for bacteria to build up in certain areas. This can lead to fungus and mold growth which can start to break down the integrity of the surfaces. The roof is an area that is especially susceptible to this type of bacterial growth. Bringing in a company to do some pressure washing can eliminate the bacteria and mold growth, and that can help the surfaces and exterior of the building last much longer. Cleaning the roof and exterior will also give the site a much better appearance which sends a positive message to both customers and employees.

The Burden of Exterior Maintenance

Most businesses don’t have the sophisticated equipment that is necessary to truly clean the exterior of a building. Professionals will have high powered washing systems along with trucks that hold the amount of water needed to get a job done. Professionals will also have the ability to follow EPA requirements for waste water clean up. Many exterior areas are also very difficult to reach and climbing on ladders can be extremely dangerous. A professional exterior cleaning company will have lifts and other equipment to reach the hard to get areas in a safe and efficient way.

Consider it an Investment

Maintaining and protecting the exterior of a building should be considered a long term investment. A company that has a regularly scheduled exterior cleaning is going to spend some money up front to save a lot of money down the road. Keeping surfaces clean and free of bacteria and debris will make them last longer, and make the site much more inviting for customers and employees. Ultimately these things all lead to more success.